Certified Birth Certificate:

The following are NOT accepted birth certificates:



Acceptable birth certificates must:



Where can I obtain a certified birth certificate?


VitalChek Express Certificate Service provide government authorized online ordering. You can use your credit card to order government certified birth certificates from America's only nationwide authorized service.


To order your birth certificate click on your state of birth:

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Applicants born in California or Texas MUST submit a Long-Form Birth Certificate; short forms or abstract birth certificates are UNACCEPTABLE


A Delayed Birth Certificate filed more than one year after your birth may be acceptable if it:



We have new information on foreign-born children adopted by U.S. citizens.


What to do if there is no Birth Record or Certificate on file


1. Submit a "Letter of No Record" 
Issued by the State with your name, date of birth, which years were searched for a birth record and that there is no birth certificate on file for you.


2. AND as many of the following as possible: